At Kre8tive Communications we strongly support the need to encourage smallholders around the world to farm more effectively to help solve the world’s need for high quality food in a sustainable way and allow communities to help themselves through more productive agriculture. In many cases finance is impossible or expensive and so micro loans can offer a valuable way forward for such communities.

Over the last 4 years we have supported lendwithcare who take donations from individuals or companies like ours and combine them and use the funds to provide microloans to those who are impacted by poverty but need a little help to generate their businesses. Each local group then repay the loan over a period of time when their crops flourish and the same money can be reused to support other individuals or groups.

To date our money has helped 283 entrepreneurs and helped create 394 jobs and the money keeps getting recycled to help others as they need it.

The picture shows the Tionge Group from Kajaliza in Nkhotakota, Malawi who has 24 women members. They grow rice in order to earn a living. The access to a loan helped them buy farming products for their farming business with the aim of providing their families with their basic needs and educating their children. They have now repaid their loan in full and the money is now being used by others.

To see who we have supported visit our lendwithcare page